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Wound Measurement Guide Paper 6 Inch Non-Sterile

Wound Measurement Guide Paper 6 Inch Non-Sterile

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Precise Measurements: Measures up to 6 inches (15 centimeters), featuring calibrated measuring scales in both metric and English units for accuracy and versatility.

Paper Ruler: Made from durable paper, this ruler is designed for single use, helping to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination in medical settings.

Consistent Wound Assessment: Regular and accurate measurement of wounds is critical in assessing healing progress and determining the effectiveness of treatment plans.

Graduated Scales: The ruler is graduated in both metric and English systems, allowing for easy and clear readings during assessments.

Single-Use Design: Each ruler is intended for one-time use, ensuring that measurements are taken with a clean, uncontaminated tool every time.

Non-Sterile: Suitable for use in non-sterile environments where precise measurement of external wounds is required.

Latex-Free: Safe for use by individuals with latex allergies as it is not made with natural rubber latex.

Packaging: Packaged in pads of 50 rulers, providing a convenient supply for clinical use.

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