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Wound Irrigation Tray

Wound Irrigation Tray

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Efficient Layout: Components are arranged in the order of use to maximize efficiency during the irrigation procedure, reducing time and enhancing effectiveness.

Precision Piston Syringe: Features a piston syringe that enables uninterrupted action using a single-hand technique, ideal for precise irrigation.

Ergonomic Syringe Design: The disposable syringe includes a thumb ring to minimize hand slippage and contamination of the barrel or solution container.

Clear, Easy-to-Read Graduations: Syringe barrel marked with raised, large graduations, calibrated in both ounces (oz) and cubic centimeters (cc) for accurate measurement.

Enhanced Tip Design: An elongated tip with an extra-large orifice facilitates the efficient removal of clots and mucous shreds, crucial for thorough wound cleaning.

Sterile and Safe: Includes a 60 cc sterile bulb syringe housed in a graduated tray basin, ensuring sterility. The tray is latex-free, making it suitable for use with patients who have latex allergies.

Packaged Sterile: Each component is sterile packed to maintain cleanliness and prevent infection.

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