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Wound Contact Layer 4 X 7.2 Inch Sterile Dressing

Wound Contact Layer 4 X 7.2 Inch Sterile Dressing

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Efficient Exudate Management: Features a channeling design that allows exudate to move vertically into a secondary absorbent dressing, enhancing the healing process.

Protection for Skin and Wound: Prevents the outer dressing from sticking to the wound or surrounding skin, safeguarding fragile areas and superficial wounds that do not discharge.

Gentle Silicone Adhesive: The gentle, silicone gel adhesive ensures the dressing adheres to skin without sticking to the moist wound bed, facilitating pain-free dressing changes.

Flexible and Conformable: Crafted from waterproof polyurethane, the dressing is flexible enough to conform to various wound shapes and body contours, offering comfort and durability.

Translucent and Monitoring-Friendly: Its thin, translucent design allows caregivers to assess wound progress without removing the dressing, reducing disturbances and promoting better wound management.

Customizable Size: Can be cut to fit different wounds, making it suitable for treating skin tears, abrasions, lacerations, surgical wounds, partial thickness burns (excluding third-degree burns), and leg and foot ulcers.

Safe and Hygienic: Sterile packaged and not made with natural rubber latex, ideal for sensitive patients and single-use application to prevent cross-contamination.

Packaging Details: Available 10 dressings per box, with 7 boxes per case, ensuring a well-stocked supply for continual use.

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