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Wound Contact Layer 3 X 4 Inch Sterile Dressing

Wound Contact Layer 3 X 4 Inch Sterile Dressing

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Effective Exudate Management: Designed with open perforations that allow exudate to transfer vertically into an absorbent outer dressing, promoting a healthier wound environment.

Protective Barrier: Prevents the outer dressing from adhering to the wound or surrounding skin, thus protecting delicate tissue and reducing discomfort during dressing changes.

Silicone Gel Adhesive: Utilizes a gentle, silicone-based adhesive that secures the dressing in place without sticking to the moist wound bed, ensuring easy removal.

Flexible and Comfortable: Made from waterproof polyurethane, the dressing conforms to body contours and wound shapes, providing comfort and lasting protection.

Translucent Design: The thin, see-through material allows caregivers to monitor the wound's progress without needing to remove the dressing, minimizing disturbance to the healing process.

Versatile and Customizable: Can be cut to fit various wound sizes and shapes, making it ideal for treating skin tears, abrasions, surgical wounds, partial-thickness burns, and leg and foot ulcers.

Safe and Sterile: Sterile packaging ensures safety in use; free from natural rubber latex to prevent allergic reactions.

Packaging: Each box contains 10 individually wrapped dressings, with 4 boxes per case, ensuring ample supply.

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