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Thin Hydrocolloid 6X7 Inch Sacral Wound Dressing

Thin Hydrocolloid 6X7 Inch Sacral Wound Dressing

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Sacral-Specific Design: Tailored specifically for the sacral region, this dressing offers a fit that is both secure and comfortable, adapting to the contours of the lower back area.

Optimal Healing Environment: The hydrocolloid material interacts with the wound to form a gel-like layer that maintains the moisture essential for wound healing.

Enhanced Absorbency: The inner layer's high absorbency efficiently manages exudates, promoting crucial healing stages such as granulation, epithelization, and autolysis.

Gentle, Effective Adhesion: Conforms to body contours with a firm yet gentle grip, minimizing stress on the peri-wound skin and reducing the risk of irritation.

Protective Moisture Barrier: A moisture-resistant outer film shields the wound from external contaminants like urine and feces, significantly lowering the risk of infection.

Extended Wear Time: Capable of up to 7 days of wear, this feature allows for prolonged healing under undisturbed conditions, which helps minimize skin maceration and reduce the frequency of dressing changes.

Smooth and Secure Fit: Designed with low-profile rounded corners and a smooth tapered edge, the dressing reduces edge roll-up and minimizes shear and friction, ensuring it stays in place effectively.

Visual Monitoring Capability: The semi-transparent outer layer allows for easy inspection of the wound area without the need to remove the dressing, facilitating continuous assessment and care.

Versatile and Safe: Available with options for film or foam backing to meet specific treatment requirements and is sterile for safe single use. It's also latex-free to avoid allergic reactions.

Packaging: Each box contains 10 individually packed dressings, with 20 boxes per case, ensuring a reliable supply for healthcare facilities.

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