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Thin Hydrocolloid 6X6 Inch Square Wound Dressing

Thin Hydrocolloid 6X6 Inch Square Wound Dressing

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Enhanced Healing Environment: The hydrocolloid material interacts dynamically with wound exudate to form a protective, gel-like barrier that maintains necessary moisture for wound healing.

Superior Absorbency: Capable of handling significant amounts of exudate, this dressing facilitates the natural wound healing processes of granulation, epithelization, and autolysis.

Gentle Removal System: Engineered for atraumatic removal, the cohesive system ensures the dressing can be removed in one piece without disrupting the wound or leaving residues, preserving the delicate wound bed.

Robust Protection: A moisture-resistant outer film effectively blocks external contaminants such as urine and feces, significantly reducing contamination risks.

Extended Wear: Offers up to 7 days of wear time, minimizing the need for frequent changes, which can disrupt the healing process and cause discomfort.

Flexible Design: The thin, flexible material conforms snugly to body contours, ensuring comfortable fit and adherence, while the smooth tapered edges and low-profile corners help prevent dressing peel and reduce friction.

Visual Monitoring: The semi-transparent top layer allows caregivers to monitor the wound progress without needing to remove the dressing, ensuring continuous, non-invasive care.

Adaptability: Available in a variety of shapes and with different backing options (film or foam) to meet specific clinical needs, including difficult areas like the sacrum, heel, and elbow.

Safe and Sterile: Each dressing is sterile and designed for single use to ensure maximum hygiene and safety. It is also free from natural rubber latex, suitable for patients with latex allergies.

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