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Thin Hydrocolloid 4X4 Inch Square Wound Dressing

Thin Hydrocolloid 4X4 Inch Square Wound Dressing

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Optimal Healing Matrix: Utilizes a specialized hydrocolloid formula that reacts with cellular material from the wound, forming a gel-like layer that maintains a moist environment essential for effective healing.

Advanced Absorbency: The dressing's highly absorbent inner layer manages exudates efficiently, promoting granulation, epithelization, and autolysis, crucial processes for wound recovery.

Smart Removal Design: Designed for easy, one-piece removal, the cohesive dressing system minimizes the risk of leaving residue, reduces potential wound bed disturbance, and protects the peri-wound skin from tearing.

Durable Protection: Features a moisture-resistant outer film that prevents external contaminants like urine and feces from penetrating, thereby reducing the risk of wound contamination.

Long-Lasting Wear: Can be worn for up to 7 days, providing a stable, undisturbed environment for the wound, which enhances healing, minimizes skin maceration, and reduces the need for frequent dressing changes.

Flexible and Comfortable: The thin and flexible material conforms to body contours for a secure fit, while its low-profile, rounded corners and tapered edges reduce the risk of roll-up and friction.

Visual Monitoring Capability: The semi-transparent outer layer allows caregivers to inspect the wound site without needing to remove the dressing, ensuring continual monitoring without disruption.

Versatile Application: Available in multiple sizes and with options for either film-backing or foam-backing to meet different clinical needs, including challenging areas like the sacrum, heel, and elbow.

Sterility and Safety: Each dressing is sterile and intended for single use, ensuring safety and hygiene. It is also free from natural rubber latex, making it suitable for latex-sensitive users.

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