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Thin Hydrocolloid 2X2 Inch Square Wound Dressing

Thin Hydrocolloid 2X2 Inch Square Wound Dressing

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Optimized Healing Environment: The hydrocolloid material interacts with wound exudate to create a gel-like layer that keeps the wound moist and conducive to healing.

Enhanced Absorbency and Flexibility: The inner layer of the dressing is highly absorbent, effectively managing exudates to promote granulation, epithelization, and autolysis.

Residue-Free Removal: Engineered for cohesive removal, the dressing does not break down or leave any residue, minimizing disturbance to the wound bed and surrounding skin.

Durable and Protective: Features a moisture-resistant outer barrier to prevent external contaminants such as urine and feces from compromising the wound, with a wear time of up to 7 days.

Designed for Comfort: With low-profile rounded corners and a smooth tapered design, the dressing reduces the risk of edge roll-up, shear, and friction. It conforms well to body contours, providing a secure, gentle fit.

Visual Monitoring: The semi-transparent outer layer allows for easy monitoring of the wound without needing to remove the dressing.

Versatile and Convenient: Available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different body parts and wound types. Options include film-backing or foam-backing to meet specific care requirements.

Safe and Sterile: Each dressing is sterile and individually packaged to ensure safety and hygiene. It is also latex-free, making it suitable for patients with latex allergies.

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