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Seni Super Quatro Unisex Brief Size: M 10ct Pack

Seni Super Quatro Unisex Brief Size: M 10ct Pack

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Size: Medium

Waist: 30-43"

Introduction to Seni Super Quatro Briefs:

Seni Super Quatro Adult Diapers with Tabs are the perfect solution for people suffering from severe incontinence or for those who require overnight protection. These diapers come with a fully breathable exterior layer that encourages humidity to evaporate, fostering a skin-friendly environment. Seni Super Quatro diapers boast a double absorbent core that ensures exceptional absorbency and a sensation of dryness. The super-absorbent core effectively seals moisture, preventing skin irritation and reducing bacterial growth, thereby managing odor.

Seni Super Quatro Adult Diapers provide superior fit adjustment to the body thanks to elastic elements present in the front and back, along with elastic combi-tapes on each side. The elastic expands when strained and contracts back to its original form, adapting to the body as the wearer changes position. The elastic combi-tapes can be refastened multiple times, securing an ideal fit. A dual wetness indicator aids caregivers in determining when a diaper change is necessary. These adult diapers are free from natural rubber latex.

Seni Super Quatro Briefs, designed for severe incontinence and overnight protection, offer exceptional and reliable protection for both active individuals and those with limited mobility.

Principal Advantages & Characteristics:

  • Seni Super Quatro Adult Diapers with Tabs come with a dual wetness indicator, guiding caregivers to understand when a diaper change is needed.
  • Elastic elements at the waist, front, and back, along with dual elastic combi-tapes, ensure superior adaptation of the briefs to the body.
  • A fully breathable exterior layer promotes evaporation of humidity, fostering a skin-friendly microclimate.
  • The superabsorbent core securely locks in moisture to protect against skin irritation and reduce bacterial growth, managing odor effectively.
  • Hydrophobic standing side gathers repel moisture, enhancing protection.
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