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Seni Care Washcloth Unscented 48ct Pack

Seni Care Washcloth Unscented 48ct Pack

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XXXL Size: Generously sized at 12" x 10" for thorough and efficient cleaning.

Skin-Friendly: Gentle on sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation.

Efficient Cleaning without Water: Convenient and effective cleansing without the need for rinsing.

Ideal for Individuals with Sensitive Skin: Unscented formula perfect for those prone to skin sensitivities.

Optimal for Elderly Individuals: Ideal for those with limited mobility or incontinence issues.

Convenient for Both On-the-Go and At-Home Hygiene: Perfect for use in any situation, ensuring cleanliness anytime, anywhere.

Quick and Effective Solution for Incontinence: Provides thorough cleaning, promoting comfort and hygiene.

Free from Alcohol: Formulated without alcohol to prevent dryness and irritation.

Free from Parabens: Safe for sensitive skin, avoiding harmful chemicals.

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