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Prevail Unisex Daily Underwear Size SM/MD 18ct Pack

Prevail Unisex Daily Underwear Size SM/MD 18ct Pack

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Size: Small/Medium (SM/MD)

Waist: 34-46"

Prevail Unisex Daily Underwear offers a universal fit suitable for all adults. Made from a soft, cotton-like material, these undergarments are designed to mimic regular underwear. Their noiseless and body-conforming properties make them perfect for wear beneath everyday clothing. Equipped with MaxSorb Gel technology, they absorb liquids and convert them into a gel, safely locked away, while Omni Odor Guard technology helps to prevent the formation and release of unpleasant odors. Tear-away seams facilitate hygienic and easy removal of the underwear.

What is the Most Absorbent Incontinence Underwear?

Prevail Unisex Underwear stands out for its high absorbency. The MaxSorb Gel technology in this underwear effectively transforms liquid into gel, securing it within the underwear and ensuring that the wearer stays dry and comfortable. Further support to prevent leaks is provided by the elastic leg gathers.

How to Wear Prevail Unisex Underwear:

Wearing Prevail Daily Underwear is as easy as putting on your regular underwear. The cloth-like material contours to your body's shape, making no sound, so it remains inconspicuous under your daily attire. The Omni Odor Guard technology effectively curbs any potential embarrassing odors and helps in preventing them from forming in the first place.

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