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Presto Plus Unisex Full Fit Brief Size: L 18ct Pack

Presto Plus Unisex Full Fit Brief Size: L 18ct Pack

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Size: Large (L)

Waist: 45-58"


Presto Full Fit Briefs are designed to provide comprehensive incontinence protection for those requiring superior absorbency. Available in various absorbency levels and sizes - Plus, Premier, Supreme, and Ultimate - these briefs are crafted to meet a broad spectrum of needs. They are designed with adjustable, resealable tabs for a customizable and secure fit. Presto Briefs feature a breathable exterior and gentle materials to ward off skin irritation. They are equipped with proprietary technology ensuring dryness, odor control, and maximum comfort. Presto Briefs with Tabs instill confidence in wearers, allowing them to navigate their day without concerns about incontinence.

Key Features and Benefits:

Exceptional Breathability, Comfort, and Absorbency Re-adjustable Tabs — Can Be Fixed and Refixed Secure, Wraparound Fit OdorSecure Technology Prevents Odors from Forming LeakSecure Barriers Provide Leak Protection During Activity or Rest Wide Range of Absorbency Levels and Sizes

Absorbency Technology Details:

  • MoistureLock Dual Core: This feature enhances the core's capacity to retain and lock fluids away from the skin, ensuring dryness of skin and clothing. The top core offers added absorbency where it's most required.
  • Swift & Soft Layer: This layer efficiently channels moisture away from the skin into the absorbent core, providing dryness and comfort to the wearer.
  • LeakSecure Barriers: These barriers create a cup-like form for additional, trustworthy leak protection, keeping moisture away from skin and clothes.
  • Re-adjustable Tabs: These tabs allow for adjustment of the Full Fit Briefs throughout the day, ensuring a comfortable and custom fit.
  • OdorSecure: This innovative technology prevents odors before they can develop, eliminating potential discomfort.
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