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MediHoney Hydrogel 2-4/5 X 2-4/5 Inch Square Sterile Wound Dressing

MediHoney Hydrogel 2-4/5 X 2-4/5 Inch Square Sterile Wound Dressing

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Advanced Healing: Enriched with active Leptospermum Honey, this hydrogel dressing harnesses the natural healing properties of honey to accelerate wound healing and promote tissue regeneration.

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Technology: The integration of SAP technology enhances the dressing's absorbent capacity, allowing it to effectively manage light to moderate amounts of exudate while maintaining optimal moisture levels in the wound bed.

Cooling and Soothing: Upon application, the hydrogel dressing delivers a refreshing and soothing sensation, alleviating discomfort and enhancing patient comfort throughout the healing process.

Adhesive Border: The dressing features a wide adhesive border, ensuring secure and hassle-free adherence to the surrounding skin, thereby minimizing the risk of displacement and providing added protection against external contaminants.

Non-Sterile: Each dressing is non-sterile, making it suitable for use in non-sterile clinical settings without compromising on efficacy, offering a cost-effective solution for wound care needs.

Latex-Free: Formulated without natural rubber latex, the dressing is safe for patients with latex sensitivities or allergies, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of individuals.

Convenient Packaging: Packaged individually for single-use convenience, with 10 packs per box and 5 boxes per case, ensuring ample supply for ongoing wound care requirements.

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