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MediHoney Hydrogel 2-2/5 X 2-2/5 Inch Square Sterile Wound Dressing

MediHoney Hydrogel 2-2/5 X 2-2/5 Inch Square Sterile Wound Dressing

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Advanced Healing: Infused with active Leptospermum Honey, this hydrogel dressing harnesses the natural healing properties of honey to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Technology: Combines the benefits of Leptospermum Honey with SAP technology, allowing the dressing to effectively absorb light to moderate amounts of exudate while maintaining a moist wound environment conducive to healing.

Cooling and Soothing: Upon application, the hydrogel dressing delivers a cooling and soothing sensation, providing immediate relief to the wound site and enhancing patient comfort.

Non-Adhesive: The non-adhesive nature of the dressing ensures pain-free removal and prevents disruption to the wound bed, minimizing trauma and promoting optimal wound healing.

Non-Sterile: Each dressing is non-sterile, offering a cost-effective solution for wound care in non-sterile environments without compromising on efficacy.

Latex-Free: Made without natural rubber latex, making it suitable for patients with latex sensitivities or allergies.

Convenient Packaging: Packaged individually for single-use convenience, with 10 packs per box and 5 boxes per case, ensuring ample supply for ongoing wound care needs.

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