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Medical Action Suture Tray 20ct Case

Medical Action Suture Tray 20ct Case

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Comprehensive Contents: Each tray includes essential components for suture procedures, including a 3 x 3 inch 12-ply gauze pad, a 1-inch white rayon ball, a pair of 4.5-inch iris scissors with PP handles, a 4.75-inch serrated Adson forceps, and a 5-inch Halstead mosquito hemostat, providing versatility and functionality for various suturing needs.

High-Quality Instruments: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the instruments in the tray are made from premium materials to facilitate precise tissue manipulation, ensuring smooth and efficient suturing procedures with minimal tissue trauma.

Sterile Packaging: Each tray is meticulously sterilized to maintain aseptic conditions, minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring patient safety during wound closure procedures. The sterile packaging provides peace of mind and complies with stringent medical standards.

Convenient Case Packaging: The Suture Tray comes in a case containing 20 trays, offering convenient storage and access for healthcare facilities, clinics, and medical professionals. The case packaging ensures sufficient supply availability for routine and emergency suturing needs.

Trusted Manufacturer: Produced by Medical Action Industries, a reputable manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and innovation in medical supplies and equipment. With origins in China, this tray exemplifies excellence and reliability in wound care management.

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