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McKesson Wound Cleansing Dermal 8oz Spray

McKesson Wound Cleansing Dermal 8oz Spray

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Advanced Formula: Formulated with a gentle yet potent solution, this wound cleanser effectively removes debris, bacteria, and contaminants from the wound site, promoting a clean and healthy healing environment.

Multipurpose: Suitable for use on a variety of wound types, including chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and venous stasis ulcers, as well as acute wounds like cuts, abrasions, and surgical incisions.

Non-Sterile: Designed for multiple uses, this non-sterile wound cleanser provides cost-effective wound care without compromising on efficacy.

Preserved Formula: The preserved formula ensures the integrity and stability of the solution, allowing for extended shelf life and repeated use without concerns of contamination.

Easy Application: Packaged in a convenient spray bottle, the dermal wound cleanser offers effortless application, allowing for precise and controlled spraying directly onto the wound area.

Trusted Brand: From McKesson, a reputable provider of quality medical supplies and solutions, known for reliability, efficacy, and commitment to patient care.

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