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McKesson Walker Boot Non-Pneumatic Adult X-Large Short

McKesson Walker Boot Non-Pneumatic Adult X-Large Short

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Versatile Use: Designed to aid in the recovery from acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries, stress fractures, stable fractures of the foot and ankle, stable delayed union or non-union fractures of the distal tibia and fibula, and Achilles tendon repairs.

Low-Top Style: Specifically sized to fit comfortably above the ankle, providing support without restricting movement.

Anatomically Shaped Uprights: Facilitate a better fit and alignment, ensuring optimal support and comfort during wear.

Integrated Strapping: Equipped with integrated strapping to provide full circumferential support and compression, aiding in the stabilization of the injured area.

Shock Absorption: Features cushioned inner and outer soles to absorb shock upon heel strike, reducing discomfort during movement.

Soft Foam/Nylon Liner: Incorporates a soft foam/nylon liner to deliver additional comfort and support throughout the rehabilitation process.

Universal Design: Universally designed to fit either the right or left leg, eliminating the need for separate models and ensuring versatility.

Individually Packaged: Each boot is individually packaged for retail use, promoting hygiene and convenience.

Latex-Free: Constructed without natural rubber latex, making it suitable for individuals with latex sensitivities.

Size and Style: X-Large size suitable for male shoe sizes 12-1/2 and up, and female shoe sizes 13-1/2 and up. Short style with an open toe for added convenience.

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