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McKesson Suture Removal Kit

McKesson Suture Removal Kit

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Sterile Design: Each kit is sterilized to maintain a clean and hygienic environment during suture removal, reducing the risk of infection and ensuring patient safety.

Plastic Instruments: The kit includes Plastic Littauer Scissors (4.5 inch) and Plastic Thumb Forceps (4 inch), providing lightweight and durable tools for precise suture removal.

Woven Gauze: A woven gauze pad (3 x 3 inch, 12-Ply) is included in the kit for wound cleaning and management during the suture removal procedure, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Efficiency and Value: Designed with input from medical staff, the kit is optimized to streamline components and reduce waste, offering both efficiency and value to healthcare providers.

Convenience and Standardization: Components are packaged in sequence of use, allowing clinicians to progress efficiently through procedures and promoting standardization in practice.

Non-latex Construction: The kit is not made with natural rubber latex, reducing the risk of latex-related allergic reactions in patients and healthcare providers.

Manufacturer: Manufactured by McKesson, a trusted brand known for delivering high-quality medical products and supplies.

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