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McKesson Sterile 4X4 Island Dressing 25ct Box

McKesson Sterile 4X4 Island Dressing 25ct Box

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Sterile Design: Each island dressing is individually sterilized to maintain a sterile environment and minimize the risk of infection during wound care procedures.

Versatile Usage: Suitable for use as a primary or secondary dressing, these bordered non-adherent gauze dressings provide reliable protection and promote optimal wound healing.

Island Pad: The 2-inch by 2-inch island pad effectively absorbs exudate while protecting the wound site from external contaminants, ensuring a clean and conducive healing environment.

Bordered Design: The bordered edges of the dressing help secure it in place without the need for additional tape, providing convenience and reducing the risk of dressing displacement.

Non-Adherent Gauze: The non-adherent gauze construction minimizes trauma during dressing changes, making it gentle on the wound and surrounding skin.

Sterile Packaging: Each box contains 25 individually packaged sterile island dressings, ensuring product integrity and convenience for healthcare professionals.

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