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McKesson Sterile 1 Inch X 1.7 Yd Conforming Stretch Bandage Rolls

McKesson Sterile 1 Inch X 1.7 Yd Conforming Stretch Bandage Rolls

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Sterile Design: Each bandage roll is individually sterilized to ensure a hygienic application, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting wound healing.

Elasticity and Conformity: Made from a polyester blend, these bandages offer superior elasticity, allowing them to stretch and conform to the body's contours for a secure and comfortable fit.

Breathable and Absorbent: The breathable fabric promotes airflow to the wound site, while the absorbent material helps to manage exudate, keeping the wound clean and dry.

Finished Edges: The bandages are equipped with finished edges to prevent unraveling, ensuring durability and ease of application.

Minimal Taping Required: Thanks to their self-adherent properties, these bandages require minimal taping, making them easy to apply and reducing the risk of discomfort during removal.

Low-Linting Formulation: The low-linting design minimizes the risk of fibers being left behind in the wound bed, helping to maintain a sterile environment and support optimal wound healing.

Latex-Free: These bandages are not made with natural rubber latex, making them suitable for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Packaged for Convenience: Each pack contains one sterile bandage roll, and there are 24 packs per bag, providing healthcare professionals with a convenient supply for wound care procedures.

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