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McKesson Stay Dry Personal Cleansing Wipes Scented 50ct Soft Pack

McKesson Stay Dry Personal Cleansing Wipes Scented 50ct Soft Pack

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Gentle and Effective: Each wipe is designed to provide effective cleansing while remaining gentle on the skin. The alcohol-free and rinse-free formula ensures a thorough cleaning without causing irritation.

Enriched with Aloe: Infused with aloe vera extract, these wipes offer a soothing and moisturizing effect, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized after use.

Convenient Packaging: Packaged in a soft pack, these wipes are easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere. The compact size makes them ideal for travel, outdoor activities, or everyday use.

Generous Size: With dimensions of 12.5 x 7.5 inches, each wipe offers ample coverage for thorough cleansing, ensuring optimal hygiene and comfort.

Scented: These wipes feature a pleasant scent, enhancing the overall cleansing experience and leaving a subtle freshness on the skin.

Multipack Convenience: Each case contains 12 packs of 50 wipes, providing a total of 600 wipes. This bulk packaging option is ideal for healthcare facilities, caregiving settings, or individuals who require regular access to cleansing wipes.

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