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McKesson Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Ethyl Alcohol Gel Pump 18oz Bottle

McKesson Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Ethyl Alcohol Gel Pump 18oz Bottle

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Topical Antiseptic: Formulated to reduce transient microorganisms on intact skin, promoting hand hygiene and infection control.

Ethanol Formula: Contains 70% ethanol, designed to effectively kill more than 99% of most bacteria on the skin.

Enriched with Aloe: Infused with aloe vera extract to soothe and moisturize the skin, preventing dryness and irritation commonly associated with frequent hand sanitization.

Convenient Pump Bottle: Packaged in an 18oz bottle with a pump dispenser for easy and mess-free application, ideal for use in various settings.

Versatile Use: Suitable for use in homes, offices, healthcare facilities, schools, and other public spaces where maintaining hand hygiene is essential.

Quick-Drying: Fast-evaporating formula leaves no sticky residue, allowing for quick drying and immediate use.

Gentle on Skin: Gentle formulation suitable for frequent use, even on sensitive skin types.

Aloe Fragrance: Features a refreshing aloe fragrance that leaves hands feeling clean and rejuvenated.

Latex-Free: Formulated without natural rubber latex, making it safe for individuals with latex sensitivities or allergies.

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