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McKesson Elongated Pediatric Oxygen Mask Adjustable Headstrap

McKesson Elongated Pediatric Oxygen Mask Adjustable Headstrap

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Pediatric Design: Specifically designed to fit pediatric patients, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for young users.

Medium Concentration: Delivers medium concentration oxygen therapy, suitable for a wide range of pediatric respiratory needs.

Elongated Shape: Features an elongated shape to cover the nose and mouth area adequately, ensuring efficient oxygen delivery.

Adjustable Headstrap: Equipped with an adjustable headstrap, allowing for a customized and secure fit for each pediatric patient.

Comfortable Material: Made from soft and gentle materials, ensuring comfort and minimizing irritation during extended wear.

Latex-Free: Manufactured without natural rubber latex, reducing the risk of allergic reactions for pediatric patients with latex sensitivities.

Individually Packaged: Each mask is individually packaged for hygiene and convenience, ensuring sterile and ready-to-use masks for each patient.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with standard oxygen tubing systems, offering versatility and ease of use in various healthcare settings.

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