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Dynarex Iodine Swabsticks Triple Packs Box

Dynarex Iodine Swabsticks Triple Packs Box

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Antiseptic Properties: Each swabstick is saturated with 10% povidone-iodine solution for superior infection control.

Soft Tip Applicators: Designed for gentle and effective application on sensitive skin areas.

Convenient Packaging: Packed in triple packs within easy-open foil packets to maintain sterility and provide ease of use.

Single-Use Design: Helps prevent cross-contamination, ideal for medical environments.

Latex-Free and DEHP-Free: Safe for use by individuals with sensitivities to natural rubber latex and DEHP.

Box Quantity: Contains 25 packets per box, with three swabsticks per packet, totaling 75 swabsticks.

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