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Hydrocolloid 2X2 Inch Square Wound Dressing

Hydrocolloid 2X2 Inch Square Wound Dressing

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Advanced Wound Care: Pliable, absorbent, and waterproof design for effective barrier against microorganisms.

Moist Wound Healing: Maintains optimal moisture levels without over-hydrating the wound bed.

Versatile Application: Suitable for various wounds, including pressure ulcers, minor injuries, leg ulcers, and burns.

Extended Wear Time: Can remain in place for up to 7 days, promoting healing and reducing dressing changes.

Cohesive Removal: Easily removed without leaving residue or causing skin irritation.

Visual Inspection: Semi-transparent outer layer permits visualization of the wound site.

Highly Absorbent: Inner layer effectively removes exudates, facilitating granulation and epithelialization.

Moisture Resistance: Outer barrier film prevents penetration of urine, feces, or moisture, reducing contamination risk.

Various Sizes: Available in multiple shapes and sizes, including options for hard-to-dress areas.

Sterile and Latex-Free: Packaged as single-use items, suitable for sensitive skin.

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