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Dynashield Skin Protectant Cream 4oz Tube

Dynashield Skin Protectant Cream 4oz Tube

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Zinc Oxide Protection: Forms a protective barrier on the skin to treat and prevent diaper rash, shielding against wetness and irritation.

Vitamin-Enriched Formula: Contains Vitamins A, D, and E to nourish and protect the skin, supporting healing and overall skin health.

Aloe Vera Soothing: Infused with Aloe Vera to provide soothing relief and hydration for dry, irritated skin.

Versatile Use: Effective in treating and preventing diaper rash, as well as moisturizing and treating dry skin and rashes.

Convenient Packaging: Comes in a 4oz tube for easy application and storage, perfect for use at home or on the go.

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