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DynaCare Lightly Scentented Perineal Wash 8oz Pump Spray

DynaCare Lightly Scentented Perineal Wash 8oz Pump Spray

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Gentle Formula: Specially formulated for the delicate perineal area, ensuring a soft and non-irritating cleanse.

No-Rinse Convenience: This wash does not require rinsing, perfect for situations where traditional bathing is challenging or not feasible.

Lightly Scented: Provides a mild, pleasant fragrance that helps patients feel fresh and clean without overwhelming the senses.

Pump Spray Application: The pump spray mechanism allows for easy and controlled application, minimizing waste and ensuring thorough coverage.

Versatile Use: Ideal for daily use in medical facilities, also suitable for caregivers providing in-home care to individuals with limited mobility.

Portable Size: The compact 8oz bottle is easy to handle and store, making it convenient for both institutional and home use.

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