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Dukal Combine Sterile 5x9 ADB Pads 25ct Box

Dukal Combine Sterile 5x9 ADB Pads 25ct Box

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Highly Absorbent Core: The cellulose core is engineered for rapid absorption and efficient dispersion of fluids, making it perfect for situations requiring high absorbency.

Soft and Gentle: The outer layer is made from soft, non-woven material that comfortably wicks moisture away, helping to keep the wound dry and protected.

Moisture-Resistant Barrier: Features a barrier that prevents fluid strike-through, ensuring the surrounding areas remain dry and clean.

Sealed Edges: All edges of the pad are sealed to prevent linting and leakage, maintaining the integrity of the dressing and surrounding areas.

Sterility and Safety: Each pad is sterilized and individually wrapped to prevent contamination, providing safe and effective wound care.

Package and Availability: Comes in a box of 25 pads, with 16 boxes per case, making it convenient for bulk usage in clinics, hospitals, and other medical settings.

HCPCS Code A6252: Recognized under HCPCS Code A6252 for insurance and medical reimbursement.

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