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Dukal Clinisorb 4-Ply Non-Woven 4x4 Gauze Sponges 200ct

Dukal Clinisorb 4-Ply Non-Woven 4x4 Gauze Sponges 200ct

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Superior Absorbency: Crafted with a unique poly blend/rayon material, these gauze sponges offer high absorbency, effectively managing wound exudate and promoting healing.

Multi-Purpose: Whether for wound cleaning, dressing, or packing, these sponges serve as essential tools in various medical procedures, providing versatility and convenience.

Non-Linting Design: Engineered to be virtually non-linting, these sponges minimize the risk of fibers being left behind in the wound, ensuring a clean and sterile environment for optimal healing.

Sterile Options Available: Choose from sterile or non-sterile options based on your specific clinical requirements. Each sponge is individually packaged for added convenience and hygiene.

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