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DeRoyal Surgical Sterile Ear Wick Cellulose 5ct Pack

DeRoyal Surgical Sterile Ear Wick Cellulose 5ct Pack

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Non-Traumatic Design: Engineered for non-traumatic insertion and removal, these ear wicks offer gentle yet effective management of the ear canal during surgical procedures. Their non-traumatic nature minimizes patient discomfort and supports optimal healing outcomes.

Lint-Free Composition: Virtually lint-free construction ensures a clean surgical environment, reducing the risk of contamination and post-operative complications. Surgeons can rely on these ear wicks for consistent performance and reliable results.

Superior Absorbency: Crafted from highly absorbent cellulose fiber, these ear wicks effectively manage moisture and exudate within the ear canal, helping maintain a clear surgical field and promoting optimal healing conditions.

Sterile Packaging: Each pack contains five individually sterile-wrapped ear wicks, providing convenience, efficiency, and assurance of sterility in surgical settings. The sterile packaging minimizes the risk of infection and ensures compliance with surgical standards.

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