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Dermal Non-Sterile Wound Cleanser Spray 16oz Bottle

Dermal Non-Sterile Wound Cleanser Spray 16oz Bottle

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Advanced Wound Cleansing: McKesson Dermal Wound Cleanser Spray is formulated to deliver thorough wound cleansing without compromising tissue integrity. Its gentle yet potent formulation effectively removes debris, bacteria, and contaminants from the wound bed, fostering an optimal environment for healing.

Multiple Applications: This non-sterile wound cleanser is suitable for a wide range of wounds, including chronic and acute injuries, making it a versatile addition to any wound care protocol. Whether treating pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, abrasions, or lacerations, McKesson Dermal Wound Cleanser Spray provides reliable cleansing and support for the healing process.

Preserved Formulation: McKesson Dermal Wound Cleanser Spray features a preserved formulation that allows for multiple uses while maintaining its efficacy over time. This ensures cost-effectiveness and convenience for healthcare professionals and patients alike, reducing the need for frequent product replenishment.

No-Rinse Formula: Simplify wound care procedures with McKesson Dermal Wound Cleanser Spray's convenient no-rinse formulation. Designed for ease of use and patient comfort, this formulation eliminates the need for additional rinsing steps, minimizing disruption to delicate tissue and reducing patient discomfort.

Latex-Free: McKesson Dermal Wound Cleanser Spray is crafted with patient safety in mind and is free from natural rubber latex. This ensures compatibility with individuals who may have latex sensitivities or allergies, promoting a safe and comfortable wound care experience.

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