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Dawn Mist 8oz Clear Denture Cups with Snap-On Lid 25ct

Dawn Mist 8oz Clear Denture Cups with Snap-On Lid 25ct

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Secure Snap-On Lid: Each cup comes with a snap-on lid that securely seals the contents, reducing the risk of accidental spillage and ensuring the dentures remain protected during storage and transportation.

Re-Sealable Design: The re-sealable lid allows for easy access to the dentures while minimizing the risk of contamination. Patients can confidently store their dentures without worrying about exposure to external elements.

Convenient Labeling: The lid is imprinted with space for labeling, enabling healthcare professionals to personalize each cup with the patient's name and room number for easy identification and organization.

Clear Visibility: Constructed from clear plastic material, these denture cups offer clear visibility of the contents, allowing users to quickly identify the dentures stored inside without the need to open the lid.

Optimal Capacity: With an 8oz capacity, these cups provide ample space for storing dentures, ensuring they are fully immersed in cleaning solutions or water for effective maintenance.

Bulk Packaging: Each package contains 25 denture cups, providing healthcare facilities with a convenient and cost-effective supply for their patient care needs.

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