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Attends Unisex Advanced Brief Size: REG 20ct Pack

Attends Unisex Advanced Brief Size: REG 20ct Pack

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Size: Regular

Waist: 44-56"

Attends Advanced Briefs with Tabs are high-quality, tab-style diapers designed to manage heavy to severe incontinence. These top-tier briefs, made from a cloth-like material, feature numerous key characteristics such as the Dry-Lock® Containment Core, which offers supreme dryness by rapidly absorbing and locking away leakage, thus keeping the skin healthy and dry.

Other attributes include extra-wide, stretchy fastening panels with secure tabs that ensure the brief stays in place, providing a superior fit. Additionally, the ConfidenceCuff™ Protection effectively prevents leakage around the legs. This diaper also boasts odor-blocking properties, enhancing confidence while worn.

Key Advantages and Features:

Attends Advanced Briefs with Tabs are high-performance, maximum protection diapers, made from cloth-like material for exceptional comfort. Key features include ConfidenceCuff™ Protection to efficiently prevent leaks around the legs, and a Dry-Lock® Containment Core to maintain dryness throughout the day or night. These Advanced Briefs are equipped with odor guards to neutralize the ammonia in urine, keeping users fresh.

Who is the Target User?

These briefs are ideal for individuals requiring maximum protection from heavy to severe incontinence.

How is this Product Used?

Simply wrap the tabs around your waist and secure for a snug fit.

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