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Attends Discreet Women's Underwear

Attends Discreet Women's Underwear

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    Dual Leakage Protection: Delivers superior security to prevent leaks in multiple areas.

    Barrier Leg Cuffs: Additional protection to guard against leaks at the leg openings.

    Odor-Shield Technology: Actively neutralizes odors for added confidence and dignity.

    Breathable Fabric: Soft, cloth-like material that promotes air circulation to keep skin dry and healthy.

    Comfortable Fit: Elastic waistband stretches to provide a snug fit that moves with your body.

    Easy Removal: Tear-away side panels simplify removal, especially in situations needing quick changes.


    Ideal For:

    • Women managing moderate to heavy incontinence.
    • Active individuals who require reliable protection without sacrificing comfort.
    • Those seeking a discreet incontinence solution that can be worn under everyday clothing.



    • 120-175lbs
    • Sizes: 8-14


    • 170-210lbs
    • Sizes: 16-20


    • 210-250lbs
    • Sizes: 22-24
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