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Attends Discreet Men's Underwear

Attends Discreet Men's Underwear

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Specific Design for Men: Anatomically positioned absorbent core for targeted moisture management.

Breathable Material: Keeps skin cool and comfortable, reducing the risk of irritation.

Discreet and Quiet Fabric: Ensures privacy with its noiseless construction.

Secure Fit: Full-belly elastic waistband for a snug fit that stays in place as you move.

Dual Removal Options: Easy to pull off or tear away the side panels for convenience.

Odor Shield Technology: Effectively neutralizes odors to maintain freshness between changes.

Extra Leakage Protection: Cuffed leg gatherings to prevent leaks and enhance security.


Size Small/Medium

  • Waist: 28-40"

Size Large/X-Large

  • Waist: [insert size]
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