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Medline Disposable Handheld Nebulizer Kit

Medline Disposable Handheld Nebulizer Kit

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Particle Size Optimization: The nebulizer produces fine aerosol particles with a size of less than 5 microns, facilitating deeper penetration into the respiratory tract and maximizing the amount of medication delivered to the lungs.

High Respirable Dose: With a high respirable dose, this nebulizer kit ensures that a significant portion of the medication reaches the target area within the lungs, leading to more efficient treatments and minimizing wasted medication.

Standard Connectors: Equipped with standard 22 mm x 22 mm valved tee adapter and fittings, this kit is compatible with most clinical applications, offering versatility and convenience for healthcare providers.

User-Friendly Design: The kit features a user-friendly design that allows medication to be added without the need to remove the cap, streamlining the treatment process and enhancing efficiency during patient care.

Long Tubing: Includes a 7-foot tube that provides ample length for comfortable and convenient use, allowing patients to move freely during nebulization treatments without feeling restricted.

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